Health & Safety

“Be Safe – Be Sure”

Our greatest purpose is to provide a reliable and safe working environment that is tailored to your specific needs. With decades of experience in the construction industry, Star Scaffolds is highly qualified to provide the best solution to complete your project safely and with confidence.

Compliance Management

Star Scaffolds’ crews and contractors work on mobile devices which permit the real-time uploading of Safe Work Method Statements, risk assessments, job site photos, handover certificates and relevant comments about the job. Your job information is uploaded directly to our in-house job management system, thereby making compliance and evidentiary documentation readily available for a minimum period of five years.

Our Safety Culture

We operate across diverse industries, each with its own unique WHS requirements. The protection of our employees and those who rely on our products and services is fundamental to our safety culture and drives our business processes. Providing a safe work environment for our employees, contractors, visitors and the community in which we operate is our number one priority.

Star, as part of Waco Australasia, has a refreshed and dedicated focus on safety. Our corporate motto, “Be Safe – Be Sure” gives our safety culture a recognizable identity. It signifies the importance of approaching safety as a deliberate act. ‘Being Safe’ requires ‘Being Sure’. If you’re not sure, then do not proceed.

We work closely with our customers to ensure a safe working environment wherever we operate and continually evaluate our products, services, and technologies to enhance safety and efficiency wherever possible.