Edge Protection

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1st Floor Edge Protection System (“FEPS”)

A FEPS is quick to install and allows workers to complete safe installation of upper frames on residential properties.

On Roof Guard Rail (“ORGR”) System

Star’s ORGR fall protection system is a quicker installation method on an existing roof, ideally suited for lower roof angles where a roof walkway system is not required.


These systems are suitable for tin or tile roofs, are an adaptable product, and provide superb edge protection accommodating all roof angles up to 35 degrees. This system enables complete roof edge protection.

Balcony Handrail

Balcony Handrail is suitable for jobs where the balustrades have not yet been installed. The height can be increased up to 1800mm and can be installed as top-mounted, face-fixed or underslung-style to suit the design of the building.

Internal Handrail

Internal Handrail is an inexpensive, effective system designed to protect window openings, external door openings and void edge protection.

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